My first and last time trying some Basashi (raw horse meat) with a student.

Full Name: Ellis Kendall Gandy II

Age: 34

Status: Single

Religion: Christian

Home Base: Nakano, Tokyo, Japan

Occupation: Ordained minister and missionary, Artist, ESL teacherIMG_0737

Home Church: Joyful Harvest Christian Ministries, Chicago, IL

Hobbies: The arts ie: drawing/painting/writing/photography, world travel, Karate (fitness), old and foreign films

Music: Christian rock and worship (David Crowder Band, Jesus Culture, Paul Wilbur, Leeland), Classical and Symphonic scores, Film soundtracks, classical guitar (Marc Antoine, Peter White)

When I was a younger Christian, I thought older folks were stuffy for primarily listening to Christian music.

Then as I grew, I found myself also gravitating towards tunes that glorified Jesus or encouraged me to do so.

What can I say?  My spirit and thirst for Him is satisfied the more I`m exposed to the things of God.

Favorite Foreign Food: Sukiyaki with raw egg (yes, the Japanese have made me a believer in the raw egg haha)

Scariest travel moment: Finding out that you need a special visa to enter China at the immigration booth in Shanghai airport!

Travel Tip: Always have your inn/hotel/hostel caretaker write down your hotel name and address in their native language for you to show someone when lost. Believe me, it helps!

11 responses to “me

  1. hey Ellis! I’ve nominated you for an award since I really liked the post I’ve read by you. checkout my blog to see the nomination
    P.S great travel tip I’ll keep it in mind 😉

    • Thanks Nadia! You have me blushing all the way in Japan haha really I appreciate it, i`m on summer vacation now from ESL teaching so more posts are coming. I will also stay tuned to your excellent blog!

  2. Hi ellis!!
    you are really fanny guy and special japanese teacher!!
    joke joke….
    I am nagata who saw starbucks every time.
    you mention to me you are just in nakano in tokyo.
    are you going to where else nakano-ward in tokyo?
    I haven’t go to nakano in my schedule in tokyo on every week.
    any way I try to post to comment, see-ya.

  3. how are you?
    I coming every week that starbucks no change.
    you favor yakitori?
    You try use to 7-spice (shichimi-tohgarashi)
    I like this spice.

  4. Nice to meet you Ellis and thanks for following me, its not easy being an Angel Cat these days so happy to have you as a friend. 🙂 Angel Atticus & Mum, Kay.

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