A local Siheyuan entrance.

A local Siheyuan entrance.


A door in one of the hallways of the Forbidden City, Beijing. People were rubbing the golden knobs and face for good luck. I declined when asked to try.


I paid 3 Chinese yuan for this bowl of transparent noodles, the equivalent of 48 cent USD. While the price does not reflect the quality, as other noodles for the same amount here were awesome, this particular recipe didn`t quite hit the mark for me.


I paid 10 yuan for these ($1.00) and they were great. Little golden brown gems of flavorful dough filled with tender meat. They were for sale as just baked but I saw some others on the side that had been on the fryer and used the international gesture of pointing, at the dumpling first and then back at that fryer man!


At my hotel in Beijing, a hotel called “Kellys Courtyard” situated in a siheyuan, old courtyards that sits where hutongs connect. Nice place that captures that rustic charm of old China while still making a few modern enhancements. Not too much where you lose that romance of a bygone era, fortunately. This shot is through the door/windows from inside my guest room.


On the plane heading back to Japan after a wonderful, eye opening trip. China is just way too much for one visit, so I`ll be back with more time and money to spare.

IMG_1657 IMG_1644 IMG_1603

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    • Haha yes, you know I skipped those of course. The guy was like “veeeery delicious”, so I urged him to eat his own wares as I kept on lol Thanks for coming by man

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