Monthly/Bi-monthly series

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Here at Frontiersnova, you’ll find three kinds of series; monthly, bi-monthly and periodic, the last being articles that are related to special events.


o MISSIONARY SURVIVAL GUIDE –  A monthly series chronicling my growth and insight in the missionary field, covering everything from faith and cultural notes to the best hiking boots for reaching that hidden mountain village.  Welcome to all readers, it is especially targeted at new or would be missionaries.

o NIPPON DREAMZ – Japan, or “Nippon” to the patriotic, land of the rising sun with seemingly endless layers of culture to discover.  The country serves as my primary missions post and base of operations, therefore this monthly series aims to reveal its charms, elegance and beautiful people.

o SANDS OF TIME – Mankind’s history is an ancient tapestry of life altering events spread across the earth.  However, are we really all that far removed from one another?  Is there some common element that the world is missing that actually unites us?  As a Christian and missionary, I believe that there is and this monthly series will explore that.  Whether we unearth the evidence of our God-given destiny, or simply gaze in awe at the wonders and horrors of the past, we’ll keep on digging.


o LETTER FROM HEAVEN – There is no other book that reveals a creator’s great and proven love for His children like the Bible.  It shows us a God who is divine, just, uncompromising in holiness but at the same time ready to give His own flesh and blood to help us match His character.  Ah, but the Bible is not one book, rather it’s a collection of historical documents, poems, philosophical essays and biographies that can be overwhelming.  Which is why this bi-monthly series will be there to help you understand God’s word, one book at a time.

o ARTS CORNER-  As an artist myself, i’m drawn (heh) to the galleries and art shows that pop up wherever I travel.  This periodic series is all about chronicling that, to understand what people across the world are seeing in everyday life and how they interpret it through their own lens.

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