the adventure


Frontier – A line or boundary separating two countries. A limit. Border. Nova- “new” in Latin.

What is the ultimate adventure? Is it the highest mountain peak or deepest ocean trench? The furthest star perhaps? I love the tingling warmth of red sunsets and soft sand between my toes, the rugged trees of an old forest or that hidden hot spring all the tourists seemed to miss. The United States, Canada, Paris, Korea, China and Japan have all had these well-worn boots running crazily through their streets and still I want more. However, even after all the experiences I`ve had on the road, the quest for knowing the living God remains the most vital and satisfying adventure for me and I dare say for you as well.

Humanity. We have an innate desire to break boundaries, stretch limitations or tear them to shreds. Yet have we overcome our own anxieties about mortality? Faith and the unseen? I gave my life to Christ nearly 20 years ago and though the path has not been easy, God has never abandoned me and lovingly shapes my heart and mind day after day. So, as a missionary the purpose for this blog is simply to chronicle my observations and discoveries of that greatest of peaks which is God`s love and how it embraces the peoples and cultures of the world. A voyage into the “deep” you might say. Yet, it is often in the deep that the greatest treasures lay waiting to be found.


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