christmas_lightsAnother year has nearly gone by, with all of its exciting times and new frontiers beckoning to the adventurous.  Yet, at the end of 2016 lies my favorite season: Christmas.  Yes Christmas; the word conjures a warm glow of diverse images and dreams in hearts across the world.  Indeed, every country, every soul, has its own impression of what the holiday means.  A time to spend with loved ones, to perform acts of charity and kindness, and of course, a season wrapped in a package of consumerism.

However, do we dare look back 2000 years?  I think we should, since so many are beginning to fear the holiday season as a time of loneliness, a great darkness that attempts to cloud our eyes from the unfathomable joy that came to Bethlehem.  You see, whatever may be our current situation, God and His love, His great light Jesus, are eternal.  He was radiance that shone in the night sky to men of a different race than He, a different creed and religion.  Yet they had open hearts and left their land to find the Savior.  The light fell upon shepherds, men of so-called “low-class” who slept with beasts in the field.  “This very night, a Savior has been born in the town of Bethlehem…” they heard from mighty angels singing in unison, and went immediately to prove this good news true.

starMaybe you don`t feel any of this?  Perhaps the lights and the carols and the jack frost really have become redundant, hollow distractions from the very real despair.  If so, know that those that found the light of the world were also living in dark times and yet they chose to respond to the news from heaven.  It was a choice for them to get up from their slumber, from the pride of life, and search out then meditate on this great thing that had happened: the almighty God has left heaven to dwell in our world.  He has humbled Himself, taken on vulnerable flesh, and entrusted Himself to the care of mortals.  To be weaned, to be raised, to be flogged and beaten, to take the worst of this fallen world and resurrect a healthy relationship between God and humanity.  That is you, me and all that will simply believe, calling on the name of Jesus Christ.  So the next time a carol touches your ear, or that nativity scene glows in the night, meditate on it.  Think, feel, deeply, and if a tingling warmth fills that place in your chest, ask yourself “how will I respond to the light?”


3 responses to “THE LIGHT OF CHRISTMAS

  1. Amen to this Awe Inspiring Article. Thank you Missionary Ellis. This article has touched my heart deeply, causing me to reflect on just how much our Heavenly Father Loves us.

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