o-CHRISTMAS-LIGHTS-facebookIt`s that time again, a season that touches both the religious and secular alike: Christmas.  Why is that?  Well in varying degrees, there can be an undeniable warmth that pervades the air.  For some it`s the lights, sparkling across windows and lawns in sometimes tacky, often spectacular fashion.  Others enjoy a night at home with family, the egg nog and scent of a fresh Christmas tree aiding the tingly sensation of togetherness.  The exchanging of gifts a tangible symbol of mutual love and deep thoughtfulness.

starThe world may indeed enjoy this season for a thousand different reasons, but the Bible, God`s wondrous love letter to humanity, shares the secret to the joy unlocked every winter.  2000 years ago, a prophecy proclaimed centuries before was realized when the Creator of all life emptied Himself of divine priveleges and came to the world as a child (Philippians 2:5-8).  The One whom angels worshipped day and night, who dwelled in unapproachable light, whom, at His presence, rocks and mountains melted, felt the broken heart of mankind and now walked the earth as a gift to us.   His mission: to destroy the darkness of ignorance and restore a fruitful relationship with our God.  It was unbelievable, the miracle of all miracles, and that miracle could now be touched, was vulnerable, amazing: Immanuel, “God with us”.

Time has marched on since then, our creations tower over us with dazzling lights and mind boggling technology.  But, don`t let the facade fool you; just as school history books record worlds of our past that seem as fantastic as the films we escape through, so God`s word immortalizes the greatest act of love ever.  He who is eternal, the One who waits for you and me in His presence at the end of time, His legacy remains today.  Jesus, the Savior of the world, has come.  HE, is the spirit of Christmas.


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