sg2“But if you don’t believe me when I tell you about earthly things, how can you possibly believe if I tell you about heavenly things?”  – Jesus to Nicodemus, John 3:12

The worldview: a product of humanity`s gracious gift of free will.  It is basically how you and I see the world, our cognitive sense of it manifested through opinionated outlets like philosophy and religion.  The worldview is a right, albeit a flawed one, as it is influenced by one`s own life experiences and a society`s history, good or bad.  No two humans share exactly the same path in this existence, and so naturally ones` triumphs and tragedies that lead that person to a certain resolution about life don`t necessarily ring true for another.  This is where the problem arises, because as this view grows it inevitably has an effect on our actions and life choices, climaxing in how we treat others.  The worldview has birthed great advancements in culture and technology but also great darkness against our fellow-man.  For every flicker of democracy or notion of equality in the human heart, there is emptiness, a void filled with oppressive stains like greed and racism that are eloquently defended, nonetheless.

discussion-2-wordleThe missionary will of course encounter a variety of worldviews while abroad on the Lord`s business.  Every country, state, ethnicity and tribe have their own histories of war, peace, revolution and faith stewing their thoughts on the future.  People are many times even born into a worldview, learning to walk on streets paved with ideologies conceived centuries before their time: “There is only one God….”;  “One?  There are hundreds of nations, so of course hundreds of gods!…”; “I believe in a higher being, but there are many paths to him…her…it…”; “How could their be a god with such suffering in the world?  The only god is yourself and we humans must evolve together and achieve our greatest potential on our own…”; “I believe in only what I can see, and what you can get, so I`m gonna get mine!…”; “hmm…how do you know we are even really here talking about this?”

colossians-28Many more await in the mission fields, and you should be aware of them, listening with patience and responding with firm kindness.  However, for the missionary themselves, there is only one worldview that should be rooted to the core: the Christian one.

There is one God, the One who refers to Himself as Eyeh Asher Eyeh, “I AM that I AM”.  He shines with radiant light, gleaming with the colors of creation, and their is no darkness in Him.  God exists outside of time and space and yet all things are created by Him and through His Word.  At the dawn of human history, God created human beings, male and female, with His own hands and breathed the breath of life into our nostrils.  We were given great privilege and responsibility as beings made in our heavenly Father`s image, and entered a trusted covenant with the almighty God: trusting Him would bring life, but disobedience was said to pour sin and death into the world.  Humanity tragically broke this promise with the Lord and sin has been gradually killing the world and everything in it ever since…                                                                                                                                        –Paraphrased from Genesis 1-3

graveYes, ours is also classified as a worldview, yet there is a unique element to it.  Thousands of years after the fall of humanity, a shining light entered the world to save mankind from darkness.  His name is Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, the Word who made the world and willingly took on fallible human flesh to die for us.  To take the whip lashes on His back for the diseased, the disenfranchised.  To pour out His own blood for the blood of millions who lost their lives in the darkest chapters of our past.  All of this done out of an otherworldly love that none of us can truly understand.  It may seem counter productive to mention another worldview in helping to minister to those with many, but the Son of God`s sacrifice and divine right to redeem humanity was sealed with a supernatural event that birthed Christianity: resurrection from the dead.  The early gospel writers emphatically preached this truth as fact, that they had even witnessed it along with hundreds of others.  They carried it forth across turbulent seas, before governors and finally under the executioner`s blade.  Jews, Syrians and Romans alike began to call this message the “good news” as it spread like wildfire through army ranks and social class.  Brothers of different skin color and sisters of warring nations rejoiced together aloud:  “God`s matchless love has set us free!”  Fellow missionary, this is our worldview, that God loves the world and desires a relationship so much that He would give His own flesh and blood to have us back.  Don`t keep it to yourself.



  1. We live in a unique age. People used to understand that there was such a thing as truth. They understood that 2 contradictory things could not be true. They could both be false, but not both be true. In the physical realm they recognize that if you say a circle is a round plane figure whose boundary (the circumference) consists of points equidistant from a fixed point (the centre), that statement is true. But when it comes to spiritual truths, everything suddenly becomes relative. All religions are the same and equally valid, some say.

    Well let’s look at the monotheistic religions. Christianity says Jesus Christ was the Messiah and the divine Son of God. Judaism says Jesus Christ is neither the messiah nor the Son of God. Islam says Jesus Christ was the messiah but not the Son of God. These views are contradictory. They cannot all be true. I accept Christianity’s view of Christ based on the eyewitness accounts found in the New Testament and on the prophetic texts of the Old Testament, which Jesus Christ fulfilled. This is a no no. We are not allowed to believe in some Truth or to say the contradictory views are wrong. But truth is true whether no one believes it or not and a lie is false even when everyone believes it. This kind of simple logic has been entirely forgotten in our times.

    • Amen man of God! Yeah I totally agree, and I believe that as the time draws near to the Lord`s return the world will be crying out for a savior. To have the luxury to entertain amusing and interesting philosophies will no longer come into play, only what is true and can save us.

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