354_354-renewal-22015 is here and I can’t think of any other topic to start off a fresh year than renewal.  Since God is spirit and therefore mostly unseen, we humans have to make the effort to get close to Him in order to keep our paths straight, our eyes clear.  Revival is key, and so for the missionary the beginning of a new year should be a time of assessment: cleaning house (spiritual fortification), filling up on the word of god (our ammunition), refining the vision.  That refinement happens at the Lord’s hands, as we are ultimately living out His will instead of our own.

imgresStill, there are some practical things that we can do to plan for this vision, once we’ve received it from above.  Do you feel a call in the spirit for more witnessing?  Research new areas of the country that haven’t been reached with the gospel yet.  Maybe a new ethnic group as well: many nations outside of the obvious melting pots like the U.S. are populated by lesser known peoples like the Ainu of Japan, Basha of China and the Efe of the Congo, Africa.  Contact a representative of the tribe or conservationist working with them.

Are you looking to beef up on your historical knowledge of the country?  Maybe you’ve wondered “why is it so difficult for me to teach about Christ here?”.  Then it’s time to hit the books.  Research your post’s previous encounters with the gospel.  What became of it?  You know, there are many of us that sigh deeply when confronted with the idea of a stack of history books, but the inescapable reality is that if you’re a Christian, then your faith hinges on something that happened around 2000 years ago.  I myself am hoping to get across the pond to China sometime this year to study recent finds in ancient Chinese written characters and their relation to events in Genesis.

imagesWhat about those speaking engagements?  Do you still have that new ministry idea written down somewhere?  It’s time to dust it off and present it to the Lord in prayer.  Reach out and improve relations with welcoming ministries, you never know what will blossom when your feet and willing hands are aligned with the will of Christ.  The bible art class the Lord gave me a year ago started small, but now another church is interested as well.  That ministry is just a grain in the sand alongside the family of brothers and sisters of God all around the world working for the kingdom.  I encourage you to join us, refreshed and renewed.



  1. Hey Minister Ellis, I really enjoyed reading this article. I’m looking forward to meeting some of our Japanese sisters & brothers in Christ when I visit this year.

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