amazing-space-photos-201011-05_092735I’m a dreamer, I admit that.  In the day, in the night, it doesn’t matter when: my mind just wanders off, and being an artist, it’s important to let it go sometimes because it often comes back with something shining.  Then on occasion, the gem that returns will speak to a very specific area: my faith.  It may have been preached to me thousands of times from the church pulpit, an alternate reveal of a known truth or perhaps a brand new vision.

One of those precious revelations touched my heart recently, a renewed understanding of just how sweet and humble our God is.  Beckoning to Moses’s spirit from a burning bush, He introduced Himself as “I AM”, the great Creator of all things.  The One who sits above, whose face burns with a wild radiance, eyes of purity that puts darkness to flight, whose angels fill the air with desperate cries, “Holy! Holy! Holy! is the Lord God almighty!, the whole Earth is filled with His glory!”

Yet, wrapping Himself in finite flesh, allowed the lame, the sick, the destitute to touch, the “lower lifeforms” to lay on his chest.  The One who spoke and stars burst to life was silent when mocked by the arrogant, He who resisted earthly temptations was slapped by sinful hands, spit on and mocked while suffering a criminal’s death by those who, if in His place and armed with that awesome power,  would have destroyed our world many times over for the very same acts of blasphemy.

I laid in my bed one night thinking about these things.  I hadn’t planned on it, but such moments tend to come when you’re in love with this being you’ve pledged your heart and soul to follow.  He really is quite amazing, and after 2000 years, there is still no one like the great I AM, the Saviour of the world, the Prince of Peace.  Jesus Christ, the humble God.


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