A new year into the frontier

Trains Siberian Explorer train  - John Higgins 2010I think back on when I first left the shores of my country.  I was flying solo, stomach churning, mind racing with a hundred different possibilities and outcomes of this venture.  Yet, those shining eyes stared back at me from the airplane’s bathroom mirror.  True, it could have just been the excessive lighting in there, but I like to believe that the character of an explorer was beginning to emerge.  Now, 13 years later, I sit relaxed in a Saitama prefecture coffee shop.  After 4 years living in Japan, there is less stress, no anxiety, just contemplating another cup of cocoa and what to make for dinner tonight.

onanadventure2-414693The living God has blessed us all with another year of His breath burning in our chests; but is it so that we can play things safe or launch out into His will for us?  The world has a bloated, tired and redundant vision of God that doesn’t fit how the Bible describes Him.  He is beautiful, He is vibrant, He is exciting, and yes, He is even dangerous (Exodus 19:20-21), but so are the most worthwhile adventures of life.  I got some great advice from a pastor I know here about the call of the missionary.  In addition to the most important step, that being the assurance that this is indeed what God desires for you to do, he then added “…don’t think too much”.  Simple but profound.  If we already have that personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, our ears firmly pressed against His heart, then what is all the analyzing for when He places a newly forged vision in our hands?

Lets talk to our Lord earnestly and hear His sweet guiding voice, but be ready to spring into action when the time comes.  Then, we will cruise over the waters of stagnancy and doubt into unexplored realms of life, eyes shining with expectation.


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