WORSHIP: Every tribe and every nation

by Thomas Blackshear II

by Thomas Blackshear II

“All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord; they will bring glory to your name.” – Psalm 86:9

section of globeWhat will come out of our mouths, from our gifted hands when we finally stand before God? When we witness the beauty and radiant splendor of the risen Lamb, who overcame the curse of death for the whole world? I truly believe that the revelation of all that Jesus has done for us will not be fully realized until we swoon together with the rest of humanity in that holy place. What you can be sure of though is that there will be a congregation of every race, tribe and nation redeemed by innocent blood, joined together in worship. The Lord God is desperate for the whole world as His heirs to eternal life.


Japanese koto.

However, that doesn’t mean our cultural identity has to be lost. There are many, indeed Christians as well, that have a preset idea of what our music should sound like. “Cue the organs and choirs!”. Not saying that there’s anything wrong with those things, if it moves you into that special place with the Lord, but even in a sinful world, God has blessed mankind with a wondrous variety of creativity. From the elegant strokes of the Japanese Koto and Chinese fiddle to electronica and alternative rock; one of the things that makes our worship to the Holy One so intimate is that we are using the gifts and vision that He has already planted deep within, even while in the womb, to praise Him. This element of humanity has grown richer as ethnic diversity continues to widen. So if you’re Indonesian, Japanese, Italian or even from the moon, and you’ve accepted the Son of God as your savior, then you have the right to open your mouth, blow the shofar, strum the komaz and light your worship ablaze. For the question that matters most remains this; is the Spirit of Jesus Christ with you?


5 responses to “WORSHIP: Every tribe and every nation

  1. Good to see you bro. Ellis you are doing a great work for the Kingdom of God. We pray that God bless everything you do for His Glory in Jesus Name. Pastor Jonas Jones New Covenant Worship Center!

  2. Thanks so much Pastor Jonas and thanks for stopping by! You know I just want to do my part in the kingdom for Christ and pray the same for you and anyone else in the world born to Him. By the way, if you have any articles to add or a request for the “Nippon Dreamz” Japanese culture series, let me know!

  3. Thanks so much Mom, you have been a true blessing and I thank God for you! As I said above, if you have any articles or requests, let me know. I myself am overflowing with material though, workin right now actually lol

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