WORSHIP: “…give me glory…”

Spark_of_Life_I heard the Lord say one day “…son, give me glory…”.  Overwhelmed and puzzled at the same time, I answered “Holy God, how can I give you glory?  Really, what can I say?  This body, soul and spirit of mine were shaped by your sparkling hands.  The mother who birthed me, revealed the first traces of your Spirit, the father who taught me about the world, they were already yours before time began.  My sisters of strong character, their children and descendants to come, can they escape the potter`s grasp?  Can any of my family?  Humanity for that matter?  Mankind goes about their short lives in self-importance, oblivious to the author of their most noble dreams.  We create and invent, toil and discover, standing proud at our achievements to be remembered for generations yet can`t recognize the most obvious strokes of your artistry amongst us.  The oceans and rivers teeming with life, towering mountains that seem to pierce the glowing stars in the heavens, all a “cosmic accident” they say.  I say you are God, the great “I am”, the One who was, is and is to come.  The One who breathed life into the nostrils of man who would betray you.  The One who stepped across the precipice of unbelief and darkness to put on frailty, to offer your own body and precious blood for a people still looking the other way.  My God, I choose to look your way and see the truth no matter the cost or how naked I may feel witnessing your vibrant holiness.  It comes down to this: when I think on your goodness, I am at a loss for words, what can I say?  The glory is already yours because you quite simply deserve it.”

Then the Lord answered, “…well done”.


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