WARNING! You may be infected with the Holy Spirit!

HolySpiritFireHeartATTENTION!  There is a growing epidemic that is engulfing the world and if you`ve accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour, it may already be too late!  The outbreak is known as the Holy Spirit and what follows are some of the reported symptoms; a growing, itching desire to know God and His standards of morality, thoughts of Him and His Son Jesus at work or school, with many even confessing to daydreaming about His goodness, and an intensely emotional connection with an event that transpired 2000 years ago and would, in many cases, have been forgotten by now.  Stranger are what some others are reporting like a refreshing desire to pray, forgiving oneself and those who have done wrong with patients in advanced stages gradually overwhelmed with peace and freedom from pride, envy, fear, human expectations and the rat race of society.  Proving to be most horrifying are the accounts of those in the final stretch of the ailment, who are said to fall deeply in love with God at the realization of the eternal life that they`ve freely received in the death and resurrection of His Son.   A renewed relationship with the One who knew their name before time began.   

There is hope though.  A former patient, who had many of these symptoms, finally had enough and managed to cure himself.  Not only does he want to share the life-giving elixer, but promises to take all who will join him to a safe, quarantined zone where no trace of the Holy Spirit will ever touch them.  To those in the early stages, help is available and various medical stations are situated much closer than you think.  Move as quickly as possible!  For those in the final stages, we offer our condolensces to your families, you`re in God`s hands now.


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