The spark of life

sparklers1My mind wanders sometimes as I ponder the exhilarating experiences of life; the first birthday to survive in your memories, the tingle of a warm ocean, many night stars strewn about like paint in the desert sky. One streaks across the dark canvas to some unknown destination. I think on these precious gems and how brief a season on earth we actually have to enjoy them. It can seem unfair, a lifetime as but a teardrop of dreams in the sea of eternity. Then I remember a promise, a pledge made and sealed by the shedding of innocent blood. Eternal life. The One whose voice makes the clouds crackle with bright lightning, whose touch coaxes a newborn out of the womb, whose breath revives the dead and dying with shining eyes that blaze in sweetness and power; none can compare to Him. Those unforgettable moments, grand and beautiful as they are, sparkle vibrantly with the hues of God’s greater essence. Life as we know it is the dream, He is the reality, the great author of all things. Communion with this omniscient Creator floods the aging eyes with clarity, the gray surroundings singing with fresh color. Climb the highest peak and see that none can compare. Fall into that electric first kiss and still know, none can compare. Wake up to the Lord.


2 responses to “The spark of life

  1. This is so beautiful. All I see and hear as I read this, is the Love of our Lord, and your love for Him. I also see the gifts that He gives to his children. Continue to paint the pictures of our Lord in your beautiful style of writing. I can see Him in every word.

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