A relaxing interlude…

Omotesando-Street-at-night-Tokyo-Japan-photo-by-Jonathan-Savoie_1200The gentle spring breeze just barely carresses my shoulder as a biker eases by and smartly dressed couples lounge about, warm light pouring from the boutique windows.  Sitting here in a Starbucks situated between the bright neighborhoods of Harajuku and Omotesando, I wonder why it is I come to this place?  Kicking back in what this establishment so cooly refers to as the “B-side studio”, an open air portion of the cafe, I ponder the question over a chai/caramel steamer.  Those who know me well will tell you that I am not the guy to frequent an area in hopes of reaching the higher eschelons of fashiondom. 

5087805665_9483e076ff_zStill, I’ve been coming to this particular location long enough for the staff to know my face and favorite drink.  Creativity needs sustenance and so I never fail to rub shoulders with a mood, an attitude of artistry when I visit.  Harajuku itself is a vibrant art scene I’m told and so I’m gradually picking my way through its maze of European flavored sidestreets.  The night is young and bustling; artisans getting a new gallery ready for exhibition, a photographer in a dimly lit corner seat, spying out elusive shots as a woman’s french song echoes in the air, students upstairs searching through bookcases of vintage journals, novels and collections of works by Cezanne and Renoir.  Then, there is me, sitting here with a cup now empty and notebooks of a story that desperately needs to be worked out, which led to a momentary break and finally, this post.  Creativity needs sustenance, indeed.

Enjoy those relaxing interludes and creative moments, more posts to come soon…


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